Integrated Morality and English study

1.Name of project :  Integrated Morality and English Study.

2. Rationale :

Today, the most of people often encounter more problems and obstacles. Perhaps, it is unsuccessful in the last. For example, If we think of another subject and have distracted mind on the learn time, we will miss and misunderstand about the lesson. So, we need to bring Dhama to help in studying, Sacrificing of personal happiness to other person for them get the utility and happiness with it. The donation that we do fallow this

“ Precepts” means “Normal” is rules that person must be maintained in the way of sex and status.

We called the person who have the excellent-mind is “Human” and five precepts is known as the typical of human morality which have to be keeping them forever. The people who don’t keep five precepts not called “human” but called “person”. It’s means “tousle”.

The meditation will create the largest halo and greatest in Buddhism which is the essence of life. It is more precious than precepts.

With Dhama in our mind, they make us are calm and not distrust. Then we can work with effectively because the concentration happiness arise in our mind from doing the benefit to others.

Buddhist is the minds of  the Thai bond and the most Buddhist in the countries, which teaches people to do goodness and  realize to sin, merit, demerit. The temple is a place for people admire to make merit since ancient time.

In studying in English for Career 1 have focused on providing students apply the English language is not learn in the classroom only, but we can learn outside the classroom. It also important for  make truly approach to morality. In the right morality now is significant. The most people far religion. So, the religion is retrograde and the morality was reduced. Which we can notice at the present, people do more wickedness than goodness.

We are appreciate to important from the cooperation of students, so applied English language to morality.  By we join to do this project for create consciousness to generation students for past of the goodness.

3. Objective

1. For all students integrated morality to English study.

2. For all students has conscious to do goodness.

3. For all students spend the free time for benefit.

4. Goal

– Quantitative Goal

The sophomore in Business English Department of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin Wangklaikangwon Campus total 23 person.

– Qualitative Goal

All students who join this project can integrate morality to study in English and have conscious to do goodness.

5. Method of operation

Step 1 : Write the project.

Step 2 : Approve the project.

Step 3 : Meeting.

Step 4 : Planning and shared the work.

Step 5 : Provided equipment.

Step 6 : Operating follow the project.

Step 7 : Summary from the query.

Step 8 : The results of the operations.

6. Period of operation

Friday at 26 August, 2011

7. Place of operations

At  Khaokiriwong temple , Hua Hin district , Prachuapkirikhan province.

8. Expenditure

Food and beverage        960 bath

Trees                              465 bath

Cleaning equipment       347 bath

Total                              1,772 bath

9. Evaluation

Evaluation from the 23 students.

Unit 2



“Precepts” means “Normal” is rules that person must be maintained in the way of sex and status.

The Five Precepts

1. Panatipata veramani: to abstain from killing.

2. Adinnadana: to abstain from stealing.

3. Kamesumicchacara: to abstain from sexual misconduct.

4. Musavada: to abstain from false speech.

5. Suramerayamajjapamadatthana: to abstain from intoxicants causing heedlessness.

The Eight Precepts

1. To abstain from taking life.

2. To abstain from taking what is not given.

3. To abstain from unchastity.

4. To abstain from false speech.

5. To abstain from intoxicants causing heedlessness.

6. To abstain from untimely eating.

7. To abstain from dancing, singing, music and unseemly shows, from wearing garlands, smartening with scents, and embellishment, with unguents.

8. To abstain from the use of high and large luxurious couches.

ÞTo give alms.

To give alms is sacrifice the possessions of our properties for succor others get benefit and happiness with our kindness. However the alms that we do will make us happy more or less. ขึ้นอยู่กับ two elements of the composition. If you do following two reasons, you will have more merit.
Composition No. 1. “Merit that you do must be pure.”
The things of wealth that we are willing. That things must be pure. Pure means the things must be self-seeking of the occupation. Not obtained because of encroachment others, such as fraud, misappropriation and burglaries.

Composition No. 2. “Intended to make merit must be pure.”

How to make merit? The real goal is eliminate the greed. Their parsimonious and cherish in love of wealth. It is the coarse passion which is a “voracious passion” and to aid others to be happy with our mercy. The first step is the growth ladder mercy to 4 holy.


Prayer is the wise course to precisely and know how to treat yourself. Prayer is the fence of mind to the way of peace. The mind had not been trained with prayer like an animal that had not been trained. So, we need to train to the benefit as it should. The person who have prayer in mind. It’s like I always read and does not risk or damage to their stakeholders.


Unit 3



  1. Cleaning the Toilet.
  2. Planting the Tree.
  3. To offer a meal to priests at 11.00 a.m.
  4. To worship the priests.
  5. To dedicate the alms
  6. To listen the sermon.



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